Haiti Artisan Project

Wrought Iron By Cookie

Karine Faubert Villard, lovingly called “Cookie” by all who know her, was born to Haitian parents in San Juan, PR. Cookie launched her career as a wrought iron artist in Port-au-Prince, Haiti twelve years ago when she began to transform chandeliers, patio furniture, house gates, windows, and doors. With great skill and an impeccable eye, Cookie finds artistic success by mixing crystals with wrought iron to create objects of beauty; the roughness of the iron and the sophistication of the crystals come together in perfect union.
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The Idea

The Craft

The Impact

“Everything is done from scratch by human hand. We have a bender to help shape the iron, but no machines. We forge everything by ourselves.”



The Mission of Wrought Iron By Cookie

Urban Zen aims to help develop, market and present the work of Haiti artisans to the western world. As an ambassador to the preservation of Haiti’s artistry and expression, Donna Karan and a community of supporters have been traveling to Haiti at every opportunity, working one-on-one with the artists and manufacturers. “The artistry and skill is breathtaking,” Donna says. “I am so inspired by what I am seeing and the people with whom I’m working with. I couldn’t be more excited.”

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